Spirulina Benefits for Men

By admin, December 23, 2011

Featured – Spirulina Benefits for Men

Spirulina benefits for men are many as the supplement contains several nutrients that aid in overall health: Spirulina is a supplement that should be well-known to men, but sadly, there are many men who do not know what it is and why it would benefit them.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae which grows in naturally alkaline lakes with warm temperatures and a non-polluted water source. It is a relative to kelp, but is not a sea plant since it lives in lakes of a higher alkaline level. Lakes must be unpolluted in order for the spirulina to be unpolluted. If a lake has many pollutants, the spirulina will not be usable for consumption.

Spirulina Benefits for men

Spirulina Benefits for men

Spirulina contains more than 100 nutrients and is considered the most complete food on the planet. In has a protein content of 65 percent and 90 percent of it is digestible. Spirulina is also high in the B vitamins which is an important vitamin that ensures healthy functioning of the nervous system.

Spirulina benefits for men also include that it is also an excellent source of has beta-carotene, copper, vitamin K, vitamin E, iron, copper, selenium, trace minerals, vitamin D, zinc, gammalinolenic acid (GLA), and other B vitamins. Spirulina benefits for men are vast based just off this information, but a closer look at what this means exactly is necessary.

The first spirulina benefit for men is that it is so easily digestible. Many people who have medical problems digesting proteins will find that digesting spirulina is easy and nearly completely usable by our bodies. Spirulina benefits for men include an abundance of phytochemicals which help boost the immune system, and have antioxidants, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and antiseptic properties. Spirulina benefits for men also include that it helps cleanse the body, speed recovery of the skin and muscles, reduce allergy symptoms, and detoxify the liver. Providing energy and endurance is also a spirulina benefit for men.

How is the GLA in spirulina a benefit for men? GLA is a distinctive omega-6 fatty acid which reduces inflammation. GLA has shown, in studies, to reduce the pain and stiffness in joints from arthritis. The high concentration of GLA in spirulina can help reduce inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Spirulina benefits for men because it also helps produce insulin and builds healthy red blood cells.

There are warnings, however, about use of spirulina. Those with severe allergies to seaweed or seafood should not take spirulina. In addition, people with hyperthyroidism and high fevers should avoid this supplement. As with all supplements, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting spirulina.

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Other Spirulina Benefits for Men

Where else can you obtain so many healthy items in one bottle?
Spirulina benefits for men include easy digestions of proteins, a boost to the immune system, mood enhancers, easing pain and inflammation, as well as providing a large portion of protein. Spirulina benefits for men also include that it is comprised of ten times more carotene than is contained in carrots, stimulation for the nervous system, and a portion of the vitamins a person should get each day, including the difficult to get Vitamin D. Spirulina Benefits for men are simply massive.

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